Facility Use Information

The following stipulations apply:
The undersigned user of school facilities hereby agrees that he/she has authority to bind the sponsoring group or organization or individual users to:
1. Observe the rules and regulations for the use of school facilities as established in adopted Board policy, a copy of which is located at www.swtech.edu
2. Assume full responsibility for loss/or damage to school district property resulting from such use.
3. Assume full responsibility for personal injury or property damage sustained by any person as a result of such use, waive all school district liability for such injury, and agree to hold the district harmless from any and all claims of whatever nature which may be brought against the district arising from the user’s use of the school premises.
4. Please note that we have short-term evening classes on most evenings and the rooms are not available for overnight use therefore you may need to secure/remove your materials. If reserving a classroom for multiple days and arrangements are made in advance the rooms can be reserved overnight for an additional fee.
5. Pay the usual and customary fee for such use as requested in accordance with the fee schedule for the requested facilities, equipment, required technician, and other fees, as required, in accordance with regulations.
6. Submitting this form assures the school district that the sponsoring group or organization has read and understands the Board policies on school use and will inform all individual users that use is not for a school function and will not be supervised by the district

Facility Use