Short-Term Classes

ACD Adult classes 2015 (January-December)

Cake Decorating: November 3, 2015 NOW ENROLLING

Certified Nursing Aide: November 9, 2015 NOW ENROLLING

Home Health Deeming: November 5 & 6, 2015 NOW ENROLLING

Certified Medication Aide: December 12, 2015 NOW ENROLLING

Certified Medication Aide Update: November 2 & 3, 2015 NOW ENROLLING

EMT (Basic):  This course prepares  you to become an Emergency Medical Technician. After completing 296 hours of course work and clinicals, you will be eligible to stand for the licensure exam. Call 580-477-2250 for start date

Phlebotomy:  This course prepares you to become a phlebotomist. After completing 42 hours of instruction and additional clinical hours, you will be eligible to stand for the licensure exam. Call 580-477-2250 for start date

Upholstery: If it’s just for fun or you want to make a business in upholstery, this class is ‘for you!  Classes will be held in the evening and run 40 hours in the lab. Classes will run Nov. 5, 2015 NOW ENROLLING

Community “Survival” Spanish: Are you needing to learn Spanish? Maybe you would like to learn for personal reasons, or it will help your employees communicate with the public better? This class can fit your needs! Classes held in the evening for 12 hours of instruction.Call 580-477-2250 for start date.

Motorcycle Safety:

19 hours hours required class time
Friday 5:45pm – 9pm
Saturday and Sunday 7:30am – 3:30pm
Cost $175 per person

New Classes Starting Monthly, Call LaDahle at 480-4723 or check the Bis Events Calendar (under the Business and Industry menu) for details.

Safety Training day 3 hours; Call 580-477-2250 for start date

Welding evening 48 hours; October 27, 2015 NOW ENROLLING

CPR/AED (Heartsaver) day 4. Call 580-477-2250 for start date

CPR BLS (for Healthcare providers) day/evening 8 hours SCHEDULED BY APPT ONLY

Business Connections: November 18 “Showcase your Business” (Come bring your products and show off your services for the Holiday Season)

Okla Tax Workshop day 3 hrs;  Nov 3, Dec 1

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  1. Steve Grayson /

    i have a friend interested in CMA classes. Can u please tell me when the next class starts

  2. Angie Allen /

    I am wanting information on your Certified Medication Aide class. Cost, whether it is a day or evening class

  3. Lisa Smiley /

    I was wandering how much the Certified medication class was and how long the course was.

  4. kaela /

    It should be “Aide” not aid. Aid is to offer support to a person but an Aide describes a person who assists.

    1. Matt Switzer /

      Thank you

  5. Cheyenne /

    When is the next CNA class starting after the one that is going on now?

  6. Shelley /

    When is the next CNA class scheduled and how long is the program?

    1. Jill from SWTC /

      The next CNA class is scheduled for Jan 31. It lasts 3 weeks and the cost is $480 and that includes the certification test. Call LaDahle at 477-2250 and get enrolled tomorrow or for more information. You can also visit our campus at 711 west Tamarack. Thanks, Jill

  7. Adrian Mendoza /

    plus how much does it cost?

  8. Adrian Mendoza /

    when are the next cna classes gonna be held?

  9. Barb Caswell /

    Will you offer AEMT classes in the near future.

  10. Barbara Caswell /

    I was wondering if you were going to have an Advanced EMT class in the near future.

  11. melissa /

    hello can you tell me how much is it for a cma classes

  12. Lyn Taylor /

    Do you offer real estate classes yet?

  13. frankie cunes /

    Informative writing , I was fascinated by the points , Does anyone know where my assistant could possibly grab a fillable MN Form 11.1 example to fill out ?

    1. Amie Colbert /

      Hello frankie cunes! my friend used a fillable Canada IMM 1295 form with this link

  14. kelsey flores /

    when is the next enrollment for aviation and when does the class start?

  15. Alison /

    Will you guys have a medical terminology class starting soon?

    1. alejandro /

      i would like to take that class too also

    2. Jill from SWTC /

      Our medical terminology class is an online class that begins every 3-4 weeks. The cost is $89 if you follow the ed2go link on the main page it will take you that sight and you can search the classes. Once I get to an actual computer I will search the link too.

  16. Lucas /

    When will the next CLEET training be offered?

  17. William /

    When is the next emt class going to be held?

  18. Thomas Osborne /

    When is the next CLEET Security Guard class?

  19. Adrian Hughes /

    Needing to know when the next CMA Class will be

  20. akansh /

    Short-Term Classes is the very good way to learn more in the Minimum time.

  21. Shelley Phillips /

    When will the next Phlebotomy class begin? Also do you offer any classes for a medical lab tech or surgical assistant?

  22. Jill from SWTC /

    LaDahle Gloria 477-2250

  23. Jan Thompson /

    Who do I contact about taking a CNA class?

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