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  1. Cheryl /

    So when 8s thera phlebotomy class for the year 2016? Thanks

    1. Stephanie Torrez /

      I know a new one just started this past Tuesday night I believe

      1. Taylor /

        How do you sign up for a phlebotomy course and where?

  2. meranda /

    I am wondering if there is a CMA class in altus and also about the phlebotomy class how long is it

  3. Christine Pugh /

    I’m interested in the CNA course is there grants for this type of class?

    1. Stephanie Torrez /

      If you start out at a nursing home as a feeder sometimes they will pay for you to go to class you just have to stay at the facility for 6 months

  4. Sarah Sewell /

    I’m interested in taking the CNA course. Is there a course that begins this summer or do I need to take it in the fall?
    Thank you and God Bless!

  5. Gayle Dickinson /

    I am looking for a Certification for an Administration of a Nursing Home, is this a class that you offer? Would it be days or evenings, and what would the cost be to attend this class.
    Thank You,

    Gayle Dickinson

    1. Dianna Thompson /

      Nursing Home Administration is a specialty licensure (not certification) and has very specific requirements: a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration or Business Mgmt through a 4 yr university, THEN special testing and licensure requirements after that. You might contact OU, Southwestern, OSU, Cameron, etc for information from them. Also the Oklahoma Health Department can give you more specifics as to how to get to this degree program.

  6. Gayle Dickinson /

    I am looking for a Certification in Administration of Nursing Homes, Is this a class that you offer, and is it full time or part time. What would the cost be to attend this class, Is it days or evenings.
    Thank You

    Gayle Dickinson

    1. Dianna Thompson /

      see reply to your comment above

  7. christina gonzalez /

    wanting to know when the next class starts for phlebotomy.

    1. Dianna Thomnpson /

      Christina, we have a Phlebotomy class beginning this Thursday, April 3. Please call 580-480-4723 for details on enrollment. Thank you for inquiring.

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