Business Development Center

Southwest Technology’s Business and Industry Services (BIS) is an economic development team providing assistance, support and training in a wide variety of business programs. They understand productivity and profit matter and through their consulting and training opportunities they are available to help a business achieve their goals. The BIS team will work with a company considering locating in Oklahoma, an existing company, both large and small businesses, or an entrepreneur getting started with a new business idea. Assistance for businesses is available to train and retool workers or train a new workforce or to provide consulting and resources needed for business success. Here are some of the highlights one can find at Southwest Technology Center:

Confidential Business Consulting

The SWTC BIS team offers confidential business consulting to area businesses.

One-on-one Assistance

With needs such as business plans, learning about legal ownership types, business taxes, marketing, technology, etc. Includes the use of plotter printer for contractor clients.

Customized Training

For industry or government and individuals seeking new workforce skills.

Training for Existing Industries (TEI)

For customized training to upgrade a company’s existing workforce, supervisors and front line managers, and upgrade training for basic or technical skills. (This partnership initiative is available through low cost and/or cost shared training for continued economic growth.)

Training for Industry Program (TIP)

For new and expanding companies at little or no cost to qualifying companies to create a quality and highly skilled and productive workforce.

Customized Safety Training

Providing compliance classes such as Bloodborne Pathogens, Eye Safety, Back Safety, Forklift Certification, etc. A safe work environment boosts employee satisfaction, increases productivity, efficiency and profit margins and according to the National Safety Council companies implement safety plans can expect to reduce even worker’s compensation rates, less absences and turnover.

Procurement Technical Assistance Center

The Oklahoma Bid Assistance Network (OBAN) is Oklahoma’s Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC). PTAC provides marketing and technical assistance to businesses interested in selling products and services to federal, state, local and tribal governments. This service provides daily computerized match reports, personal consulting, proposal review, and help in securing training, assistance with applications for SAM, DUNS, Hubzone, Wide Area Workflow, etc.

Adult and Career Development

Provides for personal success and advancement by helping one gain the skills needed to quickly transition to the workforce, develop new and emerging job skills, and enhance career development to succeed in today’s workplace. These programs are offered through short-term quality curriculum and instruction responding to industry needs on a real-time, flexible and innovative basis. Adult short term programs allow for career development, continuing education, certification in many areas and personal enrichment.

Facility Use Information

Southwest Technology Center - Facility Use Form

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  • 4. Please note that we have short-term evening classes on most evenings and the rooms are not available for overnight sue therefore you may need to secure/remove your materials. If reserving a classroom for multiple days and arrangements are made in advance he rooms can be reserved overnight for an additional fee.
  • 5. Pay the usual and customary fee for such use as requested in accordance with the fee schedule for the requested facilities, equipment, required technician, and other fees, as required, in accordance with regulations.


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Business Leader Survey

Partnering with Southwest Technology Center can open up a world of possibilities that can help your company grow, expand and become more profitable. Available to the local communities in this district are quality, customized training in many areas including Safety, Existing Industry and Training for new and/or expanding industries.

Business Development

Business Development Services provides resources and information needed to build and grow a successful business venture. A variety of training opportunities are also available to help area businesses succeed. Some of the training opportunities include: entrepreneurship, business leadership & management, business plans, record keeping, and business consulting. All services are offered at little or NO COST!

Let Our Business Development Team Help You With:

♦ Business Seminars
 Grow Your Business
 Supervisor Training
 Record Keeping
 Safety Training
 Human Resources
 Local, State, & Government Contracting
 Strategic Planning
 Soft Skills Training
♦ Marketing & Advertising
 Customized Industry Training
 Starting a New Business
 Blueprint Printing
 Management Consulting


To register for these seminars at little to no cost call 580-480-4723. (Pre-registration is required)


Sponsored by the Oklahoma State Tax Commission the first Tuesday of every month from 9:00 a.m. until noon. FREE


Learn about: new job orientation, Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, soft skills, management, different generations in the workplace, and more!


Millions of dollars are awarded each year to business who supply goods and services to city, county, state, and federal agencies including military installations. Services provided through the BID Assistance Program can help your business discover what contracts are out for bid and how to request an opportunity to bid. This service is FREE to all small business located within the Southwest Technology Center district.

Click here to learn more about PTAC. 


Need a Safety Class? Call Tim Rabalais Today!

♦ OSHA 30
♦ Forklift Safety
♦ Bloodborne Pathogens
♦ Fall Protection
♦ Lockout/Tagout
♦ Personal Protective Equipment
♦ Respiratory Safety
♦ Contractor Safety
♦ Hazcom
 Emergency Action Plans
 First Aid
 Office Safety
 Bucket Truck Safety
 Confined Space Entry
♦ Office Ergonomics
 Process Safety
♦ Hazard Communication

Southwest Technology Center provides customized training and services to new and existing businesses and industries. Industrial coordination proactively assists companies by bringing together those resources, both internally and externally, to meet current and future needs.

SWTC develops long-term training partnerships by working with company representatives to outline the content of training, time frame for implementation and responsibility for completion. Training can be conducted at the company’s facility or at SWTC.

Short Term Courses

See Short Term Courses Here

As a strategic business partner, Southwest Technology Center helps business and industry clients reach their business goals through customized training and development solutions along with contracting assistance. Contact Kerry Evans, Business Coordinator at (580) 480-4736; Lori Miller, BID Assistance Coordinator at (580) 480-4737; or Tim Rabalais, Business Development Coordinator at (580) 480-4739.

Our Industry Partners Say

“Due to the increased level of safety training the plant has gone 610 days without a lost work day accident. The training provided by Southwest Technology Center has had a great impact on reducing accidents and injuries at the plant. American Gypsum is committed to their relationship with Southwest Technology Center by continuing to provide a safe and productive working environment for their employees.”