Covid-19 Update

Southwest Technology Center

July 1st Entry to the Building Criteria 

All clients/students must have appointments for entry into the building; walk-ins must have department approval prior to visit to building area. 

All clients/students must enter front doors only and exit front doors only, unless Instructors have made arrangements for a designated entry.

All clients/students must wear a face mask that covers the face and nose during visit to the building. 

All staff must wear a mask when they leave their work areas or are dealing with clients. Students in an open setting such as LPN can take face mask off during class time when sitting at the desk and not within 6 feet of another student. Students/client not adhering to criteria will be asked to leave the building.

All clients/students must sign in to enter the building self-disclosing defined statement of meeting CDC criteria for building entry.

All clients/students must follow CDC guidelines for social distancing.

No more than 10 individuals including staff will be allowed in any training session unless pre-approved by the Superintendent; smaller groups shall be set if space is a concern to meeting CDC compliance.

Seminar Center can host no more than 30 people if there is any type of conference.

Common areas, break rooms and shared food will remain prohibited, water fountains will remain closed, visitors will utilize North Hall and East Hall restrooms only.  South Hall restroom for faculty/staff only. 

Mailroom wait time will remain in the kitchen area. PLEASE do not go through any of the boxes or mail until the front office disperses the items.  This is for the safety of the employees.


***All clients/students will be required to take a touchless temperature check upon check-in.

***Ask each client/student entering the facility the following questions:

Have you had a cough?

Have you had a fever?

Have you been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms within the past 14 days?

Are you living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?

***Any answers yes to the questions should be immediately asked to take safety precautions and leave the building; maintenance should be contacted immediately for disinfecting of the area.

PLEASE disinfect the areas that you utilize or contact maintenance to disinfect an area that has been occupied before the area is considered for usage again.   

Thank you for your cooperation in this critical time that we are trying to be safe and considerate of our employees, students and clients.