Business Development Center

Southwest Technology’s Business and Industry Services (BIS) is an economic development team providing assistance, support and training in a wide variety of business programs. They understand productivity and profit matter and through their consulting and training opportunities they are available to help a business achieve their goals. The BIS team will work with a company considering locating in Oklahoma, an existing company, both large and small businesses, or an entrepreneur getting started with a new business idea. Assistance for businesses is available to train and retool workers or train a new workforce or to provide consulting and resources needed for business success. Here are some of the highlights one can find at Southwest Technology Center:

Partnering with Southwest Technology Center can open up a world of possibilities that can help your company grow, expand and become more profitable. Available to the local communities in this district are quality, customized training in many areas including Safety, Existing Industry and Training for new and/or expanding industries.

As a strategic business partner, Southwest Technology Center helps business and industry clients reach their business goals through customized training and development solutions along with contracting assistance. Contact Kerry Evans, Business Coordinator at (580) 480-4736; Stacie Hamilton, PTAC Assistance Coordinator at (580) 480-4737; or Tim Rabalais, Business Development Coordinator at (580) 480-4739.