The POWER Program is an employment training program specifically for adults of disadvantaged families or those under 18 years of age with at least one child in the home. POWER, Personal Options With Employment Results, is a 35 hour a week program offering financial assistance with tuition, school supplies, clothing, transportation, utilities, and other day to day expenses that could become a barrier to completing an education. POWER also assist in obtaining driver’s license and high school diploma equivalent. This program is federal and state grant funded governed by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, Oklahoma Department of Career Tech, and Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. POWER assists students with both Career Tech and college enrollment and completion. The ultimate goal of POWER is to help its students complete their education and become gainfully employed.

Application Process

All students of POWER must first apply through DHS within their county.  DHS will complete the application process and make a referral for testing and POWER

Employment Opportunities

POWER has an abundance of employment opportunities. POWER supports all degrees and certifications from SWTC and WOSC that lead to immediate employment. Those not interested in long term training may chose short term training and job readiness/search – a quick and easy way to gain employability skills and obtain full time employment.

Entrance Requirements

See Credentials

Scheduling Information

DHS will schedule all referrals. Testing is on Wednesdays and new clients start each Monday.

Career Majors/Program Outcomes

POWER supports all SWTC and WOSC classes that lead to immediate employment. There are some exclusions.