Man Receiving Award  September Employee of the Month.

Nick Odom, Southwest Tech Aviation -Powerplant Instructor was named September Employee of the Month.  Odom began his career with Southwest Tech in August 2022. 

Nick was nominated by two individuals for employee of the month, those individuals said: 

Nomination one: "I am nominating Mr. Nick Odom for the next available Employee of the Month Award. Mr. Odom exemplifies the best in what I and what I believe most employers would desire in a model employee entering a new career path. Over the past year plus of working with Mr. Odom he has always maintained a professional and accessible attitude even through a taxing first year as a new Instructor and with this fresh start of a new year including its wholesale list of changes to changes, he always takes all requests in stride and completes them. He works with students in a very professional and personal manner and I can clearly tell they enjoy his commitment to excellence. He continues to mentor, lead, and shape these future aircraft mechanics with a sense of caring and responsibility that I would gladly send my own child to his classroom and know they are given the best of the best instruction. He recently had a student damage an aircraft and his cool and collected reaction resulted in a student learning properly how to cope with the mistake and created a scenario for the student to take ownership and be part of the solution, he transformed the stressful situation for the student into a flawless and wonderful learning event for the students and others. He always maintains a fun and reasonable amount of humor especially during the most stressful of situations and yet maintains a great balance of professionalism at all times. He meets any request with a positive response and always a productive result. I literally could go on for a full page of praise for Nick but I suspect I am only putting in writing what we all already know and I want him to know we all appreciate him and his On-Point Aviation Moral Compass is perfectly calibrated.

 Most of All, He's a "Southwest Tech" Team Player!" 

Nomination Two: "I would like to nominate Nick Odom for EOM. Nick is new this past year but hasn't ever met a stranger. He is a great addition to the Aviation and Southwest Tech team. He always, always has a smile on his face and is so positive. Even though it was his first year, ALL of his students passed their competency tests. I heard nothing but good things from his students throughout the school year. Thanks Nick for all of your hard work and dedication to Southwest Tech"  

Please congratulate Nick Odom when you see him as being recognized as the September Employee of the Month!

Pictured with Odom is Southwest Tech Superintendent, Dale Latham and Emily Worrell with Southwest Crop Insurance, an avid sponsor of the Employee of the Month program.