Southwest Tech staff  with JCMH nurses by the donated hospital bed

Southwest Tech is proud to highlight an exciting partnership with Jackson County Memorial Hospital (JCMH), one that will significantly enhance the learning experience of Certified Nursing Aide (CNA) students at the institution.

JCMH has generously donated a fully functional hospital bed to Southwest Tech's CNA Nursing Lab. The donation was orchestrated by Meggi Gifford, RN at Jackson County Memorial Hospital, in collaboration with two Southwest Tech CNA Alumni, Patricia Ryan and Kyleigh Santiago, who all saw the immense value of enhancing the educational resources available to future CNAs.

The addition of this hospital bed to the CNA Nursing Lab at Southwest Tech is a significant boost to the already excellent CNA program. It will provide students with hands-on training and a realistic clinical environment, giving them a valuable head start in their healthcare careers. This partnership underscores the commitment of both organizations to support the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Meggi Gifford, RN, who spearheaded the donation from JCMH, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, saying, "We're thrilled to support Southwest Tech's CNA program. Providing students with access to real-world equipment and resources is essential in ensuring they are well-prepared to provide high-quality care in the future."

Patricia Ryan, CNA, and Kyleigh Santiago, CNA, both alumni of Southwest Tech's CNA program, played an essential role in facilitating this partnership. Their dedication to their alma mater and the program that helped shape their careers is evident through their involvement in securing this donation.

Kerry Evans, Southwest Tech Business Development Director, expressed gratitude for the hospital bed donation, stating, "We are extremely thankful for Jackson County Memorial Hospital's support. This generous contribution will benefit our CNA students for years to come and further solidify the strength and quality of our CNA program."

This partnership exemplifies the strong commitment of Southwest Tech and Jackson County Memorial Hospital to fostering the growth and development of healthcare professionals in the region. It demonstrates the power of collaboration between education and healthcare institutions to enrich the educational experience and improve the quality of patient care in our community.

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