Dale Latham SWTC Superintendent with AAFB  Commander

Southwest Tech was honored to host Colonel Jeff Marshall, Commander of Altus Air Force Base, along with over 30 senior leaders, for a special visit on Friday. The visit included a briefing on the valuable educational and training opportunities provided by Southwest Tech and a comprehensive tour of our campus facilities.

The presence of Altus Air Force Base's top leadership at Southwest Tech underscores the crucial partnership between our institution and the U.S. Air Force. This visit provided an excellent opportunity to showcase the exceptional educational programs and training opportunities that we offer to military personnel and their families as well as partnerships that support the mission of the Mighty 97 here at Altus Air Force Base.

The day began with a comprehensive briefing on the diverse range of programs available at Southwest Tech, highlighting the significant role our institution plays in supporting the educational and career development of military personnel and their dependents. The briefing also emphasized our commitment to fostering a seamless transition between military service and civilian life, working directly with civilians preparing them for careers such as Aviation Maintenance Technicians.  

Following the briefing, the Altus Air Force Base Commander and senior leaders were given a guided tour of our state-of-the-art facilities. The tour showcased the cutting-edge laboratories, classrooms, and training areas, where students gain hands-on experience and practical skills. The visit offered a glimpse into the advanced equipment and resources available to those seeking education and training at Southwest Tech.

"We were truly honored to welcome the Commander of Altus Air Force Base and his team to our campus," said Dale Latham, Superintendent and CEO of Southwest Tech. "This visit provided us with an excellent opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to supporting our military community."

Southwest Tech takes great pride in its longstanding relationship with Altus Air Force Base, and remains dedicated to providing high-quality education and training for military personnel, veterans, and their families.

Pictured is Mr. Dale Latham, Southwest Tech Superintendent/CEO and COl. Jeff Marshall, 97th AMW Commander