Woman receiving an award

Southwest Technology Center is proud to announce Janine MacSporran as the Employee of the Month. Janine, a dedicated Graphic Design Instructor, has been recognized for her exceptional contributions to the educational community.

Janine's unwavering commitment to excellence, passion for teaching, and innovative approach to Graphic Design education make her an invaluable member of the Southwest Tech team. Her influence extends far beyond the classroom, inspiring both her students and colleagues alike.

Dale Latham, Southwest Tech Superintendent, expressed his admiration for Janine's dedication, saying, "Janine MacSporran exemplifies the qualities we hold in high regard at Southwest Tech: dedication, creativity, and a commitment to the success of our students. Her innovative teaching methods and tireless efforts in fostering a dynamic learning environment have truly set her apart."

Southwest Crop Insurance is an avid sponsor of the Employee of the Month program and has consistently recognized the importance of celebrating exceptional educators like Janine. Emily Worrell, Owner- Southwest Crop Insurance presented Janine with the award on Friday.

Janine MacSporran's passion, dedication, and innovative spirit serve as an inspiration to the Southwest Tech community, and her recognition as Employee of the Month is well-deserved.