Otha Grimes Scholarships Awarded

The Oklahoma CareerTech Foundation recently awarded four Otha Grimes scholarships to Southwest Tech students recently. Scholarships ranged from $250 to $500 per student. Students receiving the scholarships are Gavin McCoy from Aviation-Airframe, Kyle Perry (not pictured) from Aviation-Airframe, Larissa Belyea from Business and Computer Technology/Administrative Assistant, and Dulce Lerma Rojas (not pictured) from Business and Computer Technology/Administrative Assistant. 

The scholarships, which are awarded twice a year, are used for school expenses and may be released to students after their balances have been paid for the semester. The scholarships are available to adult students who are Oklahoma residents enrolled in programs at Oklahoma CareerTech technology centers.

Otha Grimes owned Ogeechee Farms in Fairland and was considered a pioneer in the performance testing movement that has become the standard management practice for beef cattle producers.

He served on the Oklahoma CareerTech Foundation board of directors and was a staunch supporter of education, providing scholarships to many educational institutions, including the foundation. He was inducted into the CareerTech Hall of Fame in 1990.