Group of Students in Assembly

The Career Tech Student Organization (CTSO) kicked off today making Southwest Tech students aware of the benefits of joining their respective CTSO.  Mrs. Ericka Wiginton, Southwest Tech Chief Operations Officer, addressed the student body about opportunities available to every student enrolled in a full-time training program.  Wiginton discussed the purpose of CTSOs, leadership, experience and exposure for our students by participating in the student organizations. Wiginton informed the student body that the Southwest Tech administration has agreed to pay the membership dues for every student on campus.  

CTSOs are student-led organizations created for students to gain personal and professional skills, new experiences, networking opportunities, build self esteem and gain leadership skills. Students become successful by being involved in their CTSO because it adds relevance to instruction and aligns with the program curriculum, in turn strengthening the student’s academic achievement. CTSOs not only help the students involved, but also in workforce development as industries seek and find qualified workers trained in Career Tech Education. 

Each program at Southwest Tech is unique and not all programs belong to the same CTSO. For example, trade programs such as; Automotive, Aviation, Cosmetology, Graphic Design and Metal Fabrication belong to the SkillsUSA organization. Students enrolled in the Biomedical Sciences, Health Science and Practical Nursing programs belong to the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA). Students enrolled in the Business and Computer Technology and Entrepreneurship programs belong to the Business Professionals of America (BPA). Students enrolled in the Teacher Prep program belong to the Educators Rising organization.  

Each program will elect officer leaders and members will participate in conferences and competitions at the local and regional level in an effort to qualify for state competitions and (fingers crossed) national competitions.