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Southwest Tech is joining the State of Oklahoma in celebrating Workforce Development Month in September. While businesses across the country continue to face workforce shortages, many Oklahoma companies have partnered with Oklahoma CareerTech and their local technology centers to develop a solution. 

When American Gypsum needed new and existing employee training, they contacted Southwest Tech’s business development team. 

“I have greatly appreciated the reliable efforts put forth by the staff of Southwest Technology Center. SWTC has been dedicated to assisting us with different training courses, as well as presenting our employees with opportunities to grow and develop as leaders. They have offered multiple programs and courses that have allowed our employees to learn new traits and grow in their roles. We appreciate the relationship we have with SWTC and look for that relationship to continue moving forward." Stated Trenton Stevens, American Gypsum HR Manager– About working with Southwest Tech.”

Southwest Tech also works with the local economic development organization to identify trends in workforce needs for the community’s businesses. This allows the tech center to quickly add courses and career tracks that align with what local industry needs and helps jobseekers gain the skills required for positions that are available.

The Oklahoma CareerTech system continues to respond to the needs of individuals and business and industry in the state while focusing on helping Oklahomans succeed in life, education and the workplace.

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