hangar 33

FAA Part 147 A&P Mechanic Course



Evening- A&P Mechanics Course


Location Hangar 33 KAXS

Attendees:  Taking Names to research-cost and start dates
Time:  5:30pm-9:30pm -  27 months full program

I. Taking Names:

We are taking names to set up another Night Class Opportunity-

MUST be minimum of 12 Names and no more than 25 

II. When: 

Start Dates will be determined once we get enough interest we then will contact folks with a Cost and Start Date. We need 12 folks with serious interest sign up. We are willing and hoping to start a new class sometime in January 2023.

This is an offering of the complete course starting with General and progressing through Airframe and finally Power Plant after 27 months.

III. Deadline for Signing  up Names:

December 2, 2022


IV. Point of Contact to Sign Up

a) Joe Schmitt @ 580-477-2250 jschmitt@swtech.edu
b) Kerry Evans @   580- 477-2250 kevans@swtech.edu   
c) Jason Parker @  jparker@swtech.edu