Group of Advisors in classroom

Members of the advisory councils for Southwest Technology Center full time training programs  were invited for dinner and/or lunch recently where they were recognized for their important service to students and appreciation for their willingness to contribute their time and expertise to the success of Southwest Tech graduates.

After eating, the different councils broke into groups where the instructors led discussions regarding their respective programs.

Each full time training program is required by the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education to include an advisory council composed of professionals in each particular trade area taught and served by the school.

These individuals, according to Ericka Wiginton, Chief Operating Officer, are vital to the programs in that they are made up of professionals representing local business and industry.

Members advise instructors concerning what is new with regard to equipment and skills and make recommendations as to what should be added to a program. They also advise concerning what is outdated and needs to be eliminated, and many, according to Wiginton, are potential employers for program graduates.

The councils meet twice a year, once in the fall and then again in the spring. “Often,” Wiginton said, “when the councils meet in the spring, they can already see their fall recommendations in place.”