BOE Members with Certificates

School Board Leaders Recognized in January

Southwest Tech family thankful for hard work, dedication 


Dedicated to Career Tech education, school board members across the state are committed to providing every opportunity possible to students in their community. January is School Board Recognition Month, providing local schools and communities the chance to honor Oklahoma’s more than 2,700 elected school board members for their dedication and service. 

Southwest Tech currently has five school board members: Dottie Bobo, Katy Butchee, Mark Nichols, Danna Robinson, and Dennis Vernon, 

“Our school board members not only share their time but their vision and voice to shape the direction of Career Tech education in SW Oklahoma,” Dale Latham SW Tech CEO/Superintendent said. “We are proud of our school board members and the dedication they have to making our district the best it can be. School Board Recognition Month is the time to say thank you and celebrate the accomplishments of our elected board members.”