Man and woman presenting a woman with an award

Teresa is a great instructor who cares for her students and has a passion for her subject matter. She continually strives to make her classroom experience the best for her students and is always open to try new ideas. Teresa gives 110% in all that she does and is constantly going above and beyond for her students. Teresa has a positive attitude and a smile each day and works hard to pass along these traits to all she encounters. She truly cares about her program, her students, and upholding the image of Southwest Tech. Teresa is a great instructor that is prepared to take on any challenge head-on with a “can do” attitude. She is a true asset to the Southwest Tech family and is so deserving of this recognition.

Pictured with Tierney is SW Tech Superintendent/CEO Dale Latham and Cattleman's Bank Marketing Director Brentney Zorger, an avid sponsor of the Employee of the Month program at SW Tech.